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Choosing the proper voice and platform key to blogging success

Implementing a successful marketing campaign for a business is tricky. There are so many components to a marketing plan, and the trends and rules are always changing. Blogging is one example of a solid marketing tool that can be a valuable resource for the marketing them that does the legwork and selects the proper platform.

Most likely, a business already has a clear view of what it wants to share with current and prospective customers and what aspects of its business are best suited for featuring in a blog. Figuring out how, and where on the world wide web, to get that message across is the hard part.

The first critical aspect of finding a niche for a successful blog is determining the desired voice for the blog. This may involve some trial and error, including testing various writers and blog styles with the most trusted existing customers. A good way to accomplish this goal is to prepare some blogs and post them on the company’s social media outlets. Feedback will be quick and invaluable in pinning down the right fit.

Research shows that emerging trends for 2017 in blogging, as well as all social media marketing content, include use of video and infographics, as well as less of a focus on personal blogs in favor of website content geared specifically for customers that tells the personal stories of the company through these pictorial devices.

As a result of these trends, the best blog hosting tool will be one that is less word-driven and more graphics friendly.

Another important consideration in setting up a blog is whether to use a hosted service. Those who have little experience with the inner mechanical workings of web design will do well to go with a hosted service. However, if your business employs a computer whiz or two, hosting your own website and blog will eliminate outside hosting costs.

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